New releases

We know the Härkila hunter demands only the best and most specialized equipment so this season, we’ve focused on giving you all the right tools for success.


The Deer Stalker range is one of our most comprehensive camouflage ranges, for dressing you from top to toe. The range has been designed with input from experienced stalkers, and some of the items are treated with Tanatex® insect repellent to keep pests such as flies, mosquitoes and ticks, at bay. All items in the Deer Stalker range feature Härkila’s custom-designed Axis MSP camouflage.


The Retrieve range is a comprehensive series of traditional hunting garments with a modern twist for the quality minded dog keeper or bird shooter. The range features hardwearing yet presentable outer garments.


Trail is a range of very lightweight and airy garments that pack down to nearly nothing, the ideal choice for hunting and trekking in warm weather. They feature a built-in Tanatex® insect repellent to keep warm-climate pests, such as flies, mosquitoes and ticks, at bay. Although very lightweight, they are made from a durable, ripstop material, which is also breathable and moisture-wicking and dries more quickly than the vast majority of fabrics.


Essentials is a range of trousers, fleeces and more, for everyday wear, for hunting and for other outdoor activities. Garments in the Essentials range are easy to combine with Härkila’s many dedicated ranges, letting you create the look and functionality you want.


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