Lynx S/S t-shirt

The Lynx S/S T-shirt is a short-sleeve T-shirt with AXIS MSP camouflage pattern. It is made from a very breathable and quick-drying fabric, and is consequently ideal as an inner layer for many kinds of active hunting.

AXIS MSP® Forest green
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Moisture wicking


Full Stretch

Contemporary fit

The Lynx S/S T-shirt is made from a soft, breathable and quick-drying stretch fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. The fabric has been Polygiene®-treated to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent odours. Like the other items in the Lynx range, the Lynx T-shirt features AXIS MSP camouflage, which disrupts the hunter’s outline and makes the wearer merge into the background. MSP stands for Multi Season Pattern, and, as the name suggests, this camouflage was designed to be effective in a variety of terrains at different times of the year.

  • O-neck

  • 2 fabric weights for comfort

  • Stretch logo band inside neck

  • Polygiene Finish

  • Polygiene Finish

  • Modern fit


Keeps the garment odour-free. Polygiene® Odor Control Technology uses natural silver chloride to inhibit the bacterial growth that causes unpleasant odours in sweaty clothes. EU approved.

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Digital camouflage pattern that both merges into the surroundings and breaks up the hunter’s outline.


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